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Our Groomers Have Your Poodle Doodle Covered!

Our Groomers Have Your Poodle Doodle Covered!

Recently our groomers, Leigh Vaughn and Niki Moore, took part in a continuing education weekend. They traveled to Creature Comforts Kennels in Tennessee to continue their training from two previous Nash Instructors and current competition groomers with over 30 years of experience. The weekend included instruction on new techniques, products, and trends, in addition to hands-on instruction with poodles. The topics covered included “The Dandy Doodle,” “Asian Art,” “Sporting Coats,” and “Curly Coats.”

They gained additional knowledge on the specific needs of the doodle and poodle coats, which, because of the coats’ thickness and curly nature, require consistent upkeep. Regular care prevents hotspots and mats and reduces the risk of skin and ear infection. Mats are a particularly complex problem. They can prove very painful and uncomfortable to brush out. Some dogs have required sedation in the past to remove these mats in a comfortable manner. To avoid these issues, Leigh and Niki recommend Doodles/Poodles be brushed several times a week – daily if a traditional poodle style is the goal – and be groomed on a strict, every four weeks schedule to keep up with the demands of the coat.

An interesting new style, Asian fusion was covered at the continuing education trip as well. The Asian fusion style amplifies the cute, the stylish, and the creative. Initially gaining traction in Japan, this style has become popular all over the world because its goal is to focus on your dog’s eyes and promote a youthful puppy look. While this style originally took inspiration from many anime cartoon character depictions, it can even be applied to many sporting dog breeds. this style, no rules apply. You will often see big hair, side swipes, bows, top knots, asymmetry, and even a splash of color with airbrush techniques. Leigh and Niki are excited to partner with you and your pet with this inspirational style.

We obviously enjoy keeping up with the latest style trends, but the safety and comfort of your pet is always our top priority at Frankfort Animal Clinic, and our grooming department is no exception. We recently added new grate covers to our bathtubs to keep pets comfortable during baths. At this same continuing education weekend, Leigh and Niki were also shown a new method of restraint for the grooming table that has a quick-release feature to keep pets safe should they decide to make an unexpected dash off the grooming table. We look forward to implementing these changes as we strive to provide top-level care for your pet.

From the basics of doodle hair coats to advanced, multifaceted poodle grooming and the new and exciting Asian fusion grooming style, Leigh and Niki have you covered. Give us a call at 502-227-9611 or request a grooming appointment online for your pup today!

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